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Improve your knowledge, skills, and confidence to effectively engage in the prevention, early identification, and early intervention of mental disorders. Learn from our team of experts who provide culturally relevant education and training.

Our Training Programmes

Mental Health First Aid: Early Identification and Early Intervention.
Managing stress in the workplace
How to conduct a comprehensive mental health clinical interview and plan treatment
Treating anxiety and depression
Suicide risk assessment and management.
Promoting sleep hygiene
Resilience building for children and adolescents
Improving study skills, attention, and concentration for children and adolescents
Treating alcohol / substance misuse / other addictions
Dual diagnoses treatment: treating alcohol / substance misuse etc

Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to improve Knowledge, Skills, and Confidence among the workforce, students, and the public in Asia, South-east Asia, and India; to effectively engage in the Prevention, Early Identification, and Early Intervention of mental disorders.
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We provide evidence-based, practical, and low-cost training in mental health promotion.
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You can receive training from the comfort of your home or office.
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Flexibility esigned to address the needs of our constantly evolving global environment.
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Acquire your credentials promptly and excel in your field with immediate enrollment.
With a shared commitment to advancing mental health education and intervention, our diverse team harnesses varied expertise to make a lasting impact on mental wellness.

Through language diversity, cross-disciplinary proficiency, and a holistic approach, we empower individuals and communities to proactively engage in promoting mental well-being.

We are a group of Australian and overseas trained health professionals.

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About Mental Health

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Importance of Mental Wellness
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The global burden of mental health disorders
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Lack of coordinated response
What is urgently required?
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Why is culturally relevant education and training important?